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Finding the time to support your family, practice your faith, and find Halal-friendly investing resources in an overwhelmingly secular world is anything but easy. 

This is why I created Practical Islamic Finance.

Our meticulously-managed services and in-depth research are designed to help you with the important task of building halal wealth for yourself, your family, and those you wish to be charitable towards.

Now let’s get started shall we, Bismillah!

Rakaan Kayali, CFA
CEO & Founder

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Beneficial knowledge

I really appreciate the beneficial knowledge that the PIF team has made available to me. You can’t really find this type of common-sense analysis from halal-conscious investors anywhere else and the community really needs this type of service. I’m a better investor because of what I’ve learned here so thank you. May Allah increase you, and your families in all aspects of your life and hereafter.

Mohammad, Stanmore, UK

Fantastic service!

Having a full-time and busy job makes it difficult for me to spend the required time to conduct in-depth research. PIF does this for me! I receive timely updates (transaction-by-transaction) – typically complemented with objective and robust analysis – on which positions Rakaan is entering and exiting in stocks and crypto. These give me a fantastic heads-up allowing me to make informed decisions on what to do.

Isfand, London, UK

A great resource for conscientious investors

Rakaan is very thorough in his analysis. I don’t have a business background but he makes it easier to understand the numbers. I enjoy his in-depth take, especially with regards to the “halal-ness” of different investments. I also like following PIF’s watchlist and the real-time updates on their investment decisions.

Khaled, West Virginia, U.S.A.

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