What’s so bad about easy money?

Practical Islamic Finance

“O you who believe, intoxicants, Maisir, sacrificing for idols and  making decisions based on games of chance are filth from the work of satan, so avoid these things and you may prosper. Satan desires to create enmity and hatred amongst you through intoxicants and gambling and to stop you from praying and remembering Allah. So will you abstain from these things?” [Quran 5:90-91][1]

Maisir comes from the Arabic word “yisir” meaning ease [2]. It is called this because it is associated with attempts to easily acquire wealth through games of chance.

Generally, if something has a “get rich quick” feel to it, it’s immediately suspect of being Maisir. The Quran also adds to Maisir’s description by saying it has more cost than benefit for society:

“They ask you, O Muhammad,  concerning alcoholic drink and maysir. Say: they contain great sin and benefit for people, but their sin is greater than…

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