Are Crypto Futures Halal? 3 important considerations

Are cryptocurrency futures contracts halal or haram?
This article covers the most common haram elements present when dealing with cryptocurrency futures.

Is Short Selling Halal or Haram?

Is shorting selling Halal or Haram?

Are all cryptos haram? – A rebuttal of the International Union of Muslim Scholars

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Bitcoin vs. Dogecoin: Which has the better monetary policy?

As a currency, it seems Dogecoin’s monetary policy has the edge over Bitcoin.
As a user, I know more Dogecoins are going to be printed so I am more willing to part with mine in a transaction.
As a holder, I know the number of additional Dogecoins introduced every 12 months is fixed so I feel comfortable keeping my purchasing power in it.

September PIF Members’ Meeting [Members Only]

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How you can get Halal Bitcoin leverage!