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Guest Post: The Role of Venture Capital and Startup Investing in Islamic Finance

The essence of Islamic finance is that money should constantly be invested and working in the real economy to generate benefits for mankind. Money is not a commodity to be traded for profits. Rather profits are meant to be earned by active involvement and participation in the business risks.
Venture capital most clearly encapsulates this mandate. An entrepreneur with the skillset and drive to start a novel business venture is financed by an investor who believes in the entrepreneur’s vision and they share the risk – the investor putting his hard earned capital at risk, and the entrepreneur his time, effort and opportunity cost of pursuing a different career.

Is CFD Trading Halal or Haram?

Are CFDs Halal? is it permissible in Islam to write CFD contracts or to buy them? Are they a form of prohibited Maysir (gambling)? This article attempts to answer these questions.

Is Dropshipping Halal or Haram

Is Dropshipping Halal or Haram?

Is Dropshipping halal or haram?
Does it violate the restriction of not selling what is not with you or can it be considered a Salam contract?

Swing Trading: Halal or Haram?

Is Swing Trading Halal or Haram?

Muslim Marriage and Money

Perhaps the decision that will have the greatest affect on not just your financial well-being but your overall well-being is the decision of who you marry.
The following are a few tips that inshAllah will prove useful to you whether you’re looking to get married, you’re already married, or you’re going through a divorce.

Where do I buy my Stocks? My review of Fidelity, M1 Finance, and Robinhood

Where is the best place to buy stocks?
My review of Fidelity, M1 Finance and Robinhood.

Islam vs Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism: An Islamic Perspective

Analyzing Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism through an Islamic lens.

Don’t Buy This Car.

If you’re in the market for a new car, know the following:
Cars in the future are going to be electric and autonomous.
Ignore this fact at your own peril.

Emotions of Investing You Must Control

Contrary to popular belief, becoming a successful investor does not require a particularly high IQ.
WARREN BUFFET famously said:
The most important quality for an investor is temperament, not intellect.
This article lists some of the emotions that exert enormous influence on the quality of our investment decisions.

Worst Side Hustles of 2020

Finding a good side hustle can be your key to financial freedom.
When searching for a side hustle, it’s important to keep in mind that not all side hustles are created equal. Some can potentially offer great returns while others are horrible wastes of time, effort and money.
In this article I share my list of worst side hustles in terms of return on your money, time and effort: