Product Reviews

Life Insurance Halal or Haram?

Is life insurance Halal or Haram? This article thoroughly examines the arguments on both sides of the debate and comes out with a clear conclusion. It always comments on the financial wisdom for the different life insurance product including Term life insurance and permanent life insurance.

Is the money factor in auto leasing halal?

I talked with a number of dealerships to try to understand what exactly they meant when they used the word interest rate in the leasing terminology. Here’s what I found.

Vlog Episode # 2: Takaful, is it really “Islamic” insurance?

Learn the true difference between Takaful and conventional insurance.

Takaful and Insurance True Differences

I spent hours online trying to find any quality literature that could explain why Takaful is a better insurance product than conventional insurance from a practical standpoint…

4 Benefits for Investors who use Human Capital Mudarabah (HCM)

4 Benefits to investing in HCM agreements are:
1- Diversification of investment portfolios.
2- Low risk investment.
3- Potential for positive impact on investment.
4- Interest-Free.

What is Human Capital Mudarabah? What are the Benefits?

When adopted in mass, Human Capital Mudarabah will form the foundation of an economy more equitable than its debt-based counterparts; where human capital is valued more than monetary capital and where opportunity is based on the merit of the individual rather than the social class they belong to.

Podcast Episode 7: Sukuk on Trial

In this episode we put Sukuk advocates claim that it eliminates interest to the test.
Our investigation into whether sukuk charge interest will consist of answering two main questions:
1- Is financing being provided? If yes, then:
2- Is the financier contractually guaranteed to benefit in return for providing financing?

A Blunt Interrogation of AMJA’s Decision on Home Financing

Sukuk on Trial

A candid evaluation of sukuk issuer’s claim that it is Shari’a compliant

Podcast Episode 3: Critiquing Rent-To-Own (Ijarah Muntahiya Bittamleek) and Diminishing Partnerships (Musharakah Mutanaqisa)