Is Options Trading Halal or Haram?

When using options to hedge risk i.e. transfer a certain risk from the bearer of this risk to another party more able to assume this risk, this creates value.
However, when options are used to speculate on price, both conditions of Maisir are met and therefore it is prohibited in Islam (haram).

My #1 Halal Stock Pick: Tesla Stock

Why do I think Tesla is a Halal stock to invest in? Why do I think it’s an attractive investment opportunity overall? Until today, no other company has produced an electric car that can compete with Tesla’s 2012 Model S, let alone it’s most recent models. This fact alone puts Tesla in a prime position for rapid growth which should show up in its stock price. As if this wasn’t enough, Tesla is also well-positioned to dominate the solar energy, battery and autonomous driving industries of the future.

Warren Buffet’s Halal Investments

In this video, I analyze one of Berkshire Hathaway’s larger investments: Apple Stock.
Specifically, I examine the case for and against the halalness of investing in Apple stock and the prospects for profitability from such an investment.
I point out that in my estimation the income Apple earns from non-halal activities is trivial, it’s an overall positive to the world, however, it’s recent issuance of a credit card makes me less comfortable designating it as a Halal investment. Overall, I gave it a halal rating of 8/10
I also point out that from an investment standpoint, Apple’s strengths include a strong brand, robust dividend and fair price. It’s weaknesses include a heavy reliance on brand strength.
I have no interests, long or short positions in Apple.

How to Pick Halal Stocks?

How can an individual investor choose Halal stocks for themselves? This article explains a practical method of doing just that as well as an analysis of some of the “Halal Screens” that have been proposed for choosing stocks