Desktop Metal (DM) Q4 2022 Update

Desktop Metal (DM) Q4 2022 Update

What does Desktop Metal (DM) do?

  • Desktop Metal has two core technologies focusing on the mass production of end-use parts: binder jetting and photopolymer printing.
  • Binder jetting is a highly flexible technology that can do castings and direct-printed parts in mass production at a fraction of the cost of alternative additive solutions.
  • Photopolymer printing is a type of relief printing that uses light-sensitive polymers to create printing plates. In this process, a photosensitive material is exposed to ultraviolet light through a mask, which hardens the areas that are exposed. The unexposed areas remain soft and can be washed away, leaving behind a relief image. The resulting printing plate can then be used to transfer ink to paper, producing a printed image. This printing method is commonly used in the production of labels, packaging, and other printed materials.

Is Desktop Metal Halal?

We hold a comfortable rating for DM. See details here.

Here are the highlights from DM’s latest earnings report…

Just the Numbers

  • Desktop Metal reported Revenue of $209.02M beating estimates by $5.79M.
  • Desktop Metal reported a quarterly loss of $0.09 per share versus Consensus Estimate of a loss of $0.10.  
  • Desktop Metal’s Q4 2022 revenue was a record high of $60.6 million, with strong customer adoption from new and existing customers contributing to growth.
  • Desktop Metal’s 2022 revenue was $209 million, an 86% increase over 2021, with ongoing efforts to improve cost structure to drive gross margin expansion in 2023 and beyond.
  • Gross margins improved to 24.3% in Q4 2022.
  • Desktop Metal reduced its expense structure by completing $50 million in annualized cost savings and committing to an additional $50 million in cost reductions expected for 2023, bringing the total annualized cost savings to $100 million, and aiming to achieve adjusted EBITDA breakeven by the year-end.

Beyond the Numbers

  • Desktop Metal has a strong competitive moat in the binder jetting space, with the number one selling binder-jet products across the board and the largest installed base in the industry.
  • The photopolymer printing market has two segments: healthcare and dental and industrial photopolymers.
  • Desktop Metal is the leader in the dental space, cemented by the launch of the Einstein, a series of photopolymer printers with exceptional speeds and industry-leading accuracy.
  • Desktop Health also owns a catalog of differentiated materials that set it apart in the market, including Class 2 FDA-cleared Flexcera and SmileGuard.
  • Healthcare and dental are massive markets with over $90 billion in healthcare implants and over $30 billion of annual current spend in restorative end-use parts in the dental market.
  • The industrial polymer market is quite large at a $70 billion market opportunity, and Desktop Metal has the leading photopolymer platforms led by the Xtreme 8K.
  • Desktop Metal has unlocked three new markets that bring additive manufacturing into new applications, not traditionally accessible to legacy AM processes offered by peers: FreeFoam technology, Figur G15, and Live Parts.
  • FreeFoam technology is an expandable 3D printable foam for mass production that produces dimensionally accurate flow cell foam parts without tooling, disrupting the conventional polymer foam space.
  • Figur G15 offers a digital solution for standard sheet metal forming on demand that can disrupt the $300 billion a year sheet metal forming spend.
  • Live Parts is a generative design software that enables designers and engineers to create complex structures and optimize them for 3D printing.

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