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Halal Investing made simple!

Practical Islamic Finance offers halal-conscious investment insights for every investor type. Our team of investment professionals analyzes and tracks hundreds of stocks and cryptocurrencies to find the halal ones with the highest returns.

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Our team provides exhaustive research of Shariah considerations for every potential investment, ensuring every addition to your portfolio reflects the essence of your Islamic faith.


The future will be decentralized. It’s important for Muslims to understand cryptocurrencies and invest in promising projects that meet Islamic criteria. We help you do exactly this.


Whether you’re interested in small-cap growth stocks, dividend stocks, large-cap stocks, or just a mix of everything, we have insights for every type of investor and investing style.

Halal Investing is about building your legacy in this life and the next.

I started the Practical Islamic Finance blog in 2015 as a hobby and a way for me to leave a legacy of useful knowledge for other Muslims to benefit from and build on. 

While I believe Islam is a religion designed to defend the weak, it was not designed for its followers themselves to be weak. This means Muslims must have a solid understanding of financial matters and how to build wealth in a halal way.

That said, finding the time to support your family, practice your faith and find Halal-friendly resources in an overwhelmingly secular world is anything but easy. 

That’s why our “done-for-you” investment insights and portfolios are carefully managed by passionate Islamic investment professionals who put doing good at the core of everything we do.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from our service.


Rakaan Kayali, CFA

CEO & Founder


Halal investing is more than a financial decision. It’s a good deed.

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