Is Twist Bioscience Stock Halal?

Is Twist Bioscience Stock Halal?

How much of Twist Bioscience’s revenue comes from haram?

Twist Bioscience manufactures and sells synthetic DNA-based products used in various fields such as:

  • Health care:

For identification, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. 

  • Food/agriculture: 

For more effective and sustainable crop production.

  • Industrial chemicals: 

For sustainable production of specialty chemicals and materials, such as nylon, rubber, and fragrances.

Additionally, Twist Bioscience generates revenue for its academic research on DNA digital data storage.

The contributions from each of Twist Bioscience’s revenue segments in their 2020 annual report were as follows:

Practical Islamic Finance concludes:

None of Twist Bioscience’s revenue comes from anything inherently haram.

Does Twist Bioscience rely on interest to operate?

According to the company’s annual report for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2020 (Numbers in thousands, U.S. dollars):

Interest Income: $1,499

Interest Expense: $787

Total Expenses: $207,679

Total Revenue: $90,100

Interest Expense / Total Expense: 0.38%

Interest Income / Revenue: 1.66%

Practical Islamic Finance concludes:

Riba is used but not relied upon in Twist Bioscience’s operations.

What is Twist Bioscience’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact?


No notable environmental highlights.


Twist Bioscience has a high Glassdoor rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 from nearly 100 current and previous employees compared to a 3.3 average for all other Glassdoor rated companies.


No notable governance highlights.

Practical Islamic Finance concludes:

Twist Bioscience has a net positive ESG impact.

Comfort Rating

From Twist Bioscience’s business, financial, and ESG reviews, Practical Islamic Finance rates Twist Bioscience as:

Comfortable to invest in from a Halal perspective.


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