Vlog Episode # 3: How to tell if something is Islamic or just “Islamic”

How non-experts can easily tell if a product is truly Islamic in substance or just in form and name.

4 Benefits for Investors who use Human Capital Mudarabah (HCM)

4 Benefits to investing in HCM agreements are:
1- Diversification of investment portfolios.
2- Low risk investment.
3- Potential for positive impact on investment.
4- Interest-Free.

Podcast Episode 5: 3 Questions You Need to Ask About Any Financial Product that Claims to be Islamic

Podcast Episode 4: Are All Muslims Allowed To Think?

What are the prerequisites for scholarship in Islam?

Sukuk on Trial

A candid evaluation of sukuk issuer’s claim that it is Shari’a compliant

Importance of Critical Thinking in Islam?

Fundamentally, the problem with these conditions is that they misappropriate emphasis on the source of an opinion rather than the opinion’s merits!

Islam and Personal Income Sharing Agreements: A Preemptive Strike Before The Coming Revolution

I encourage readers, and the Muslim community in particular, to lead the revolution that will take place shortly in the world of finance wherein interest-bearing debt is replaced with income-sharing agreements.

Maisir: Easy Money

Maysir comes from the Arabic word “yisir” meaning ease. It is called this because it is associated with attempts to easily acquire wealth through games of chance.(1)
Identifying Maysir is not as easy as some make it out to be.
There are four elements that need to be taken into account when identifying Maysir:
S: The stakes
P: The probability for loss
A: Tendency to cause addiction
V: The value added to society


Gharar and Uncertainty

In this article I will attempt to define what gharar is and what it is not.
Broadly speaking, the prohibition of gharar has a clear implication: don’t deceive.
More specifically, deception in a sale can arise one of two ways: