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PIF Halal Dividend Portfolio – Q1 2022

This article provides an update on the return for the entire PIF dividend stock portfolio which consists of 10 hand-picked halal dividend stocks.
I end the article with my choice for an additional halal dividend stock to add to the portfolio which is Micron Technologies (MU).

5 Halal Passive Income Ideas

This article covers 5 ideas to earn halal passive income:
1. Dividend Stocks
2. Write a paid article
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Creating an online course
5. Reducing your debt

PIF Halal Dividends Portfolio

Dividends are voluntary profit distributions companies make to their shareholders.
They are a great way for Muslims to earn Halal passive income.
For your convenience, we’ve assembled a portfolio of dividend paying stocks we are comfortable investing in from a halal perspective.

3 Halal Dividend Stocks!

This article covers 3 dividend stocks that have:
-High dividend safety scores
-Businesses that are relatively immune to economic recessions
-High halalness scores