Halal ETF

Amana vs. Sharia Portfolio vs. Wahed Invest: Which is better?

Some funds cater specifically to Muslim investors. Three of the largest of these funds are:
Sharia Portfolio’s (SPUS)
Wahed Invest’s (HLAL)
Amana’s (AMAGX)
This article compares these funds using the following criteria:
Their process for screening for Halal stocks
The comfort level that Practical Islamic Finance has in their top 10 holdings, and
The historical performances of each fund

How to Build Your Own Halal ETF!

In recent videos I’ve reviewed different Halal ETFs. Many have commented that the expense ratios for these ETFs were too high. In this video I explain how to build your own halal ETF.


SPUS is another ETF that claims to track only halal stocks. Specifically it tracks an index called the Sharia Industry Exclusions Index. This article analyzes this ETF and its holdings.

Review of Wahed’s HLAL ETF

For Muslim investors concerned with only investing in halal stocks, indexes have emerged that claim to only track halal stocks and in turn ETFs have emerged that track these indexes.
This article reviews one of these ETFs, ticker symbol HLAL