halal investing

How to Purify Stock profits?

In this article we look at:
– How do stock screeners classify a stock as halal or haram?
– What to do when a stock screener classifies your stock as haram?
– When should you sell your stock for halal and haram reasons?
– Should you hold on to a haram stock until you recover your principal?
– How to calculate the amount of purification for a stock?
– How I calculate the amount of purification for my stocks?
– Should you pay purification on profits that have not yet been realized?

What I think of Wahed Invest’s Robo Advisory Service

In this article we covered
– How Wahed’s Robo advisory works
– Missing information in Wahed’s performance display
– Are Wahed’s Global Equities halal?
– Are Wahed’s Emerging Market Equities halal?
– Are Wahed’s Sukuk halal?
– Are Wahed’s Real Estate Investment Trusts halal?
– Wahed’s fees and how they compare to other Robo-advisors.

How to stake Algorand?

This article describes methods of staking Algorand and how it can be ahalal way to reap the advantages of compounding returns.

Stocks with 0 Debt

Owning shares in a company that has interest-bearing debt is uncomfortable for many Muslims and understandably so. This article covers 3 stocks that don’t have any interest-bearing debt.

Amana vs. Sharia Portfolio vs. Wahed Invest: Which is better?

Some funds cater specifically to Muslim investors. Three of the largest of these funds are:
Sharia Portfolio’s (SPUS)
Wahed Invest’s (HLAL)
Amana’s (AMAGX)
This article compares these funds using the following criteria:
Their process for screening for Halal stocks
The comfort level that Practical Islamic Finance has in their top 10 holdings, and
The historical performances of each fund

The Ultimate Stock Market Guide for Muslim Investors

This article is a crash course on halal investing covering the following topics:
What are stocks?
How to buy stocks?
What to watch out for from a halal perspective?
How to make money from stocks?
How to know which stocks are halal?
How much purification is needed?
What are the different stock investing strategies?
Which strategies are halal?
How to find winning stocks?
A winning process for picking stocks
How much can you expect to make from the stock market?