Halal investments

REITs: Halal or Haram?

This article examines the different types of REITs (mortgage and equity) and analyzes their level of reliance on interest in order to figure out whether these REITs are halal or haram to investment in.

Is Slack Still Halal?

Last time I spoke to you about Slack, it had no debt.
Since then it has raised $750 million in debt.
This has caused some to say that Slack is no longer shariah-compliant since its debt-to-equity ratio is close to 70%.
These commentators argue that a debt-to-equity ratio of above 30% (and sometimes above 33.3% depending on who you ask) is not halal.
I pointed out in my video/article: “How to find halal stocks” that this claim is completely without merit in either the Quran or Sunnah.
This article puts yet another nail in the coffin of the arbitrary debt-to-equity limit.

My #1 Halal Stock Pick: Tesla Stock

Why do I think Tesla is a Halal stock to invest in? Why do I think it’s an attractive investment opportunity overall? Until today, no other company has produced an electric car that can compete with Tesla’s 2012 Model S, let alone it’s most recent models. This fact alone puts Tesla in a prime position for rapid growth which should show up in its stock price. As if this wasn’t enough, Tesla is also well-positioned to dominate the solar energy, battery and autonomous driving industries of the future.