Halal Ratings for the top 5 cryptocurrencies

In this article we look at:
– A methodology for deciding if a cryptocurrency is halal or haram.
– Is Bitcoin Halal?
– Is Ethereum Halal?
– Is Tether Halal?
– Is Binance Coin Halal?
– Is USDC Halal?

How to Purify Stock profits?

In this article we look at:
– How do stock screeners classify a stock as halal or haram?
– What to do when a stock screener classifies your stock as haram?
– When should you sell your stock for halal and haram reasons?
– Should you hold on to a haram stock until you recover your principal?
– How to calculate the amount of purification for a stock?
– How I calculate the amount of purification for my stocks?
– Should you pay purification on profits that have not yet been realized?

Are Stocks Haram?

Are stocks haram?
I’m sure you’ve heard differing opinions on this very important topic.
This article attempts to weigh the strength of the arguments for and against stocks being haram.

Podcast Episode 7: Sukuk on Trial

In this episode we put Sukuk advocates claim that it eliminates interest to the test.
Our investigation into whether sukuk charge interest will consist of answering two main questions:
1- Is financing being provided? If yes, then:
2- Is the financier contractually guaranteed to benefit in return for providing financing?