Interest-free financing

Selling for more than cash price: is it Riba? [Article + Video]

In this video I analyze the process of selling an item on credit for a price that is greater than the cash price of the item. Specifically, I examine whether or not there is riba or interest in such a practice. I then respond to counter-arguments that are frequently presented in response to the conclusion I make.

Vlog Episode # 3: How to tell if something is Islamic or just “Islamic”

How non-experts can easily tell if a product is truly Islamic in substance or just in form and name.

4 Benefits for Investors who use Human Capital Mudarabah (HCM)

4 Benefits to investing in HCM agreements are:
1- Diversification of investment portfolios.
2- Low risk investment.
3- Potential for positive impact on investment.
4- Interest-Free.

What is Human Capital Mudarabah? What are the Benefits?

When adopted in mass, Human Capital Mudarabah will form the foundation of an economy more equitable than its debt-based counterparts; where human capital is valued more than monetary capital and where opportunity is based on the merit of the individual rather than the social class they belong to.

Podcast Episode 5: 3 Questions You Need to Ask About Any Financial Product that Claims to be Islamic

Sukuk on Trial

A candid evaluation of sukuk issuer’s claim that it is Shari’a compliant