Islamic Insurance

Vlog Episode # 2: Takaful, is it really “Islamic” insurance?

Learn the true difference between Takaful and conventional insurance.

Takaful and Insurance True Differences

I spent hours online trying to find any quality literature that could explain why Takaful is a better insurance product than conventional insurance from a practical standpoint…

Insurance: Halal or Haram?

Many Muslims have been told insurance is Haram, is this true? This article examines Insurance in the Quran, Sunnah and among early Muslims. It also examines recent claims leveled against insurance that it involves Gharar, Maisir and Riba and comes out with a conclusion regarding all these recent objections to insurance.

Comparing Takaful (“Islamic” Insurance) and Conventional Insurance

from a high level, Takaful is the same as conventional insurance. Let’s explore Takaful’s nuances to see if there are any meaningful differences:

Insurance in Islam: 5 objections ended